At the Gagne Wealth Management Group we try to think differently about how to manage assets. To that end, we look to always focus on income planning and building out portfolio yield. This makes it so every year you know that your income needs are met without having to worry about if the market goes up or down. These are a few of our high level investment philosophies.

  • We always look to invest long term in nature. Driven by the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory, we seek to create diversified portfolios that will provide stable long term returns while attempting to mitigate risk.

  • Asset Allocation decisions are a result of portfolio optimization and efficient frontier analysis to create portfolios that generate the highest return for a given level of risk or the lowest risk for a given return amount.

    • We use mean-variance analysis to generate the most optimal portfolio. The expected returns of each asset class, the volatility of those expected returns and the correlation between the expected returns and the returns of other asset classes are the inputs used to generate the most efficient (optimal) portfolio.

  • We use low cost Exchange Traded Funds and Mutual Funds from top fund management companies to create a core portfolio that provides exposure to broad based markets, regions and asset classes. This is classified as our Beta exposure or exposure to broad, systematic market risk.

  • To generate Alpha or returns above a stated benchmark we select individual stocks. We look for companies with unique products, good management teams, healthy balance sheets and strong cash flow generating capabilities. Our focus is on the long term and as such we look to make investments that will pay off over an extended period of time.

  • We use individual bonds to provide portfolio stability as well as to fulfill income needs. Each bond when purchased will be issued by a company with an investment grade rating.

Using these and other concepts to run our practice lets us focus and attain our clients current and future dreams as they accumulate and distribute the wealth they worked so hard to attain.

Merrill Joseph Gagne
Wealth Management Advisor

Gagne Wealth Management Group

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